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Does your pet often give you “the look” when he hears your keys rattle or when you start to pack your suitcase? Vacation and business travel can often be stressful for you and your pet. Some pets are just fine staying at a local boarding facility and often think of it as a short break away from the norm. For others, kenneling at a local facility is not an option because the facility doesn’t board your type of pet, your pet is older, or your pet has health issues that preclude the noisy environment that kennels often entail. Some people even find their pet comes back in worse shape then when they left them. If the latter is how you would describe your pet boarding experience, then in-home pet care is the best option for you.
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Whether you are in the City of Atlanta or in one of the suburbs, in the rural mountain areas, or on the Atlantic sea cost, finding someone in Georgia who is qualified to take care of your pets professionally and with compassion may seem like a daunting task, but have no fear. There are professional and insured pet sitters just around the corner who are ready to meet you and your pets to give you responsible and insured professional in-home pet care.
This site will help you locate a pet sitter in your area or zip code who fits your specific pet care needs. We encourage you to carefully interview and check references of any prospective pet sitter before engaging their services. Make your expectations very clear… in writing… before hiring any service professional.
Some sitters may be bonded, insured, Certified Professional Pet Sitters, Fear Free Certified Professionals, or trained in pet first aid and/or CPR. Be sure to ask for verification if these credentials are important to you.